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I thought I would start off simple with just a few of my favourite products… luxurious fluffy lashes, moisturising rich colour Vegan-friendly glosses, soft creamy liners and the best beauty sponge I have ever personally used myself!

You will absolutely love the exclusive Nubian Nude collection of glosses I have put together for you and the beauty sponge feels like no other you’ve felt before – Luxury at it’s finest!

I hope you enjoy using the products as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you – there are hopefully lots more coming in the future.

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The Brand

My name is Andrea Redhead, I’m a makeup artist from Sheffield. I have been a professional makeup artist for over 14 years now and also attained my teaching qualification in 2019. Working for MAC Cosmetics for almost 8 years and also working as a freelance makeup artist, I have built up a wealth of knowledge of the industry and of what the average woman wants, according to their age, race and skin types. I pride myself in being able to look at a client and know what will suit them, this has been a great advantage to me in my line of work.

How It All Began

A love for makeup and all things glam came from my very glamorous mother, who loves makeup and fashion.

I would watch her tentatively whilst she was applying her makeup, until I reached an age I could apply it on myself.

Although I excelled in art at school, being a makeup artist was never suggested to me by my careers advisor, so I fell into makeup much later. Two friends who loved how I applied my own makeup, practically begged me to take a makeup course, so I could offer it as a service, which I did – Media Makeup to be precise and I never looked back! It was the best thing I’d ever done! Every task we were given at college, be it makeup, body painting or ageing makeup, I gave it my all. This was my passion! I knew then I’d found my dream career.

Building The Brand

Deciding to build my own beauty brand is something I’ve dreamt of for many years, as I’ve spent most my life as a black woman, having to ‘make do’ with the few products that were available to me. Nothing was ever tailored toward me, or people like me. I used to have to wear black eye pencil as a lip liner and a deep bronzer for Caucasian skin as my finishing powder. Things have gotten a lot better in recent years, although still not perfect.

When COVID lockdown hit in 2020, I reassessed my life and started learning photography as an addition to my makeup artistry which helped me to gain an additional income.  The lockdown also forced me to think about what I wanted for my future and also into taking risks. I’ve always been a play it safe kind of girl, but that has never got anyone anywhere in life.

Building a beauty brand, starting with lip hydrating lip glosses and long lasting matte gloss, was something that came to me because of my clients.  They would often love the colour of lipstick I’d used on them in my makeovers, but they never had the same colour to walk away with to top up later on that evening. I decided that it would be something that I could make accessible to my client base, and then I thought, why not make them accessible to every one! And right there Andrea Redhead Makeup has taken on a new lease of life, not just as my Instagram name, but as a beauty brand offering luxury products at an affordable price.

Andrea Redhead Makeup promises to be a brand that not only looks good but also feels good. A brand offering something a little different, something that represents my personality, which is bold, colourful and stands out from the crowd, so if that’s what you are after…

this is definitely the place for you!